Promotion Terms and Conditions (Coupons)

These Terms describe the conditions under which Ping Pong Global Holdings Limited (“PingPong Payments”) offers a digital coupon program to existing and new users who register for a PingPong Payments account during the PingPong Payments Promotion Terms and Conditions period.


The digital coupon program aims to reduce withdrawal and supplier payment fees, showing our gratitude to customers who use PingPong Payments’ services and products. The program details are as follows:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

      The program is only eligible to customers with PingPong Payments accounts managed by PingPong Payments Vietnam, i.e., customers currently living and working in Vietnam.

      If a customer managed by PingPong Payments Vietnam resides and works in another country, the application of this program is subject to PingPong Payments Vietnam's sole discretion.

      Customers can register for the program through the link: The program takes effect from the date of registration.


2. Program Duration:

      The program runs from May 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

      PingPong Payments reserves the right to terminate the program prematurely under certain conditions such as fraud, breach of terms, or other reasons, without prior notice.

      The digital coupon is valid until June 30, 2024. Coupons not used by July 1, 2024, will become invalid.


3. Program Conditions:

      Customers receive a $5 digital coupon for every $10,000 inbound/revenue received in their PingPong Payments accounts. A maximum of $500 worth of digital coupons can be issued per account per month.

      The inbound/revenue received considered for the coupon reward is calculated on a monthly basis and will not roll over to the next month. For example, if a customer receives $25,000 through PingPong Payments from June 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023, the payments for June are calculated as $25,000, and the customer receives a $10 discount coupon. Inbound/revenue received for July will be calculated independently, starting from July 1, 2023, and will not be associated with June's payments.

      Inbound/revenue received are only considered valid upon approval by the PingPong Payments Compliance Team after the customer provides all necessary documents.

      Inbound/revenue received to customer PingPong Payments account that qualify for this program include: revenue received from e-commerce platforms, revenue from platforms where customers conduct business that has been accepted by PingPong Payments, and revenue received directly from the customer's Global Partner. For payments received by PingPong Payments that do not originate from the sources mentioned above, PingPong Payments reserves the right to either agree or refuse to apply this program at its sole discretion.

      Payments from other PingPong Payments user accounts are ineligible for this program.


4. Reward Method:

      The program is credited as a digital coupon appearing on the customer's PingPong Payments platform.

      Each PingPong Payment account can hold multiple discount coupons. These coupons are issued on a monthly basis, with the value being calculated by PingPong Payments in accordance with clause 3.1 of this Terms & Conditions.

      Customers can utilize the coupon on PingPong Payments platform when making withdrawals or paying suppliers to reduce withdrawal fees/vendor payment fees. The digital coupon is not redeemable for withdrawal itself or when paying with its PingPong Payment account balance.

      The monthly coupon reward will be calculated and notified to the customer within the first 10 working days of the following month.

      The digital coupon will be issued within the first 10 working days of the following month.

      If the customer's account is suspended, blocked, or unbound during the Program Duration, PingPong Payments reserves the right not to award the coupon without prior notice or confirmation from the customer.

      The coupons cannot be transferred to other accounts at the customer's request and are only credited directly to the customer's PingPong Payments account.

      Only one coupon can be applied per transaction. For example, if a withdrawal fee for a transaction is 100 USD and the customer possesses a 50 USD and a 75 USD coupon, the customer is only able to apply only one of these coupons per transaction. The remaining fee after applying the coupon discount must be paid by the customer.

      One coupon can be used for several different transactions. For example, if the withdrawal fee for the customer's first transaction is 100 USD and the withdrawal fee for the customer's second transaction is 50 USD, and the customer has a 200 USD coupon, the customer can use this coupon to reduce fees for both transactions for a total discount of 150 USD. The remaining 50 USD balance of the coupon can be used for subsequent transactions.

      The transaction fee can only be deducted if it exceeds 1 USD per transaction


5. Other Regulations:

      Customers must declare and pay any taxes in accordance with Vietnamese law.

      PingPong Payments is allowed to use images, materials, and information about the program for advertising and marketing purposes without any compensation. This usage is strictly for this digital coupon program.

      PingPong Payments reserves the right to refuse to award coupons to any customer suspected of fraudulent, forged, incorrect transactions or any flagged activities raised by PingPong Payments Compliance Team.

      PingPong Payments reserves the right to contact customers via their registered phone number or email to verify information and request additional documents if necessary.

      PingPong Payments reserves the right to correct and recoup any overpayments if the coupon reward is calculated and paid inaccurately. In such cases, PingPong Payments may directly deduct from the customer's fee reduction coupon without prior notice. If an incorrect coupon reward amount has been paid and the customer has already used the discount coupon, PingPong Payments reserves the right to deduct the difference from the customer's PingPong Payments account balance without prior notice or consent from the customer.

      Customers are responsible for the usage and safekeeping of their discount coupon. PingPong Payments is not responsible for addressing any unforeseen losses of the discount coupon.

      The coupon is purely digital and has no physical or cash value outside of the PingPong Payments platform.

      The coupons cannot be exchanged for cash in any circumstance.

      Amendments: PingPong Payments reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be communicated to customers in an appropriate manner.

      Termination: PingPong Payments reserves the right to end the program before the stated deadline under certain conditions without prior notice or confirmation from the customer.

      Coupon will be cancelled in the case of transaction cancellation.





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